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August 20, 2015 In Acid Reflux Blog By Dr. Elias Darido

The Connection Between Heartburn and Tobacco

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Most of the time, when you read or hear about the causes of heartburn or acid reflux, the information revolves around acidic foods, eating habits, or overall diet.  While those are definitely legitimate causes, sometimes people can have those behaviors under control and still experience acid reflux.

Yes, it’s possible to eat right and exercise and still have bouts of acid reflux.

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Well, there can be any number of reasons, but let’s take a closer look at a specific possibility – the use of tobacco.

When you think about the ingredients found in tobacco, which one comes to mind first?

In for 1 last update 08 Aug 2020 all likelihood, it’s nicotine.In all likelihood, it’s nicotine.

Researchers have concluded that nicotine has the potential to weaken a key muscle in the lower esophagus.  As a result, more acid from the stomach can make its way to the mouth.  Another thing you need to help control stomach acids is saliva.  Smoking can hinder saliva and other body-producing substances from controlling stomach acids.

Since we’re talking about tobacco (not just smoking), it’s important to realize that snuff and chewing tobacco can also contribute to acid reflux.  Since the substances in both forms are absorbed by the digestive system, they can cause a lot of the same health issues as smoking.

Since the tobacco is staying in your mouth for longer periods of time, it means nicotine is consistently released into your body.  So, there is potential for the effects of smokeless tobacco to be much worse than smoking.

Obviously, tobacco use can cause several health problems beyond just heartburn and acid reflux.  It’s important to recognize these dangers and take action before the damage is expensive and life threatening.

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